About Us


Rita and Betty is the brainchild of Clementine Lindley. Clementine, an avid crafter and artisan has been crafting and creating since she was a toddler. 


Learning to sew at 3 years old, Clementine would sew clothing for her dolls, Barbies, and other toys. As she got older she started making clothing, jewelry, and homewares to accommodate a deep desire to create and release.   


In her adulthood Clementine had a revelation- she rarely had time to create and craft. Yet, when she made time or had to craft for professional projects she discovered it helped center and reset her brain. This reset pushed her to discover that thirty minutes of crafting is as beneficial as 30 minutes of exercise. From this epiphany Clementine launched Rita and Betty. Because we are so dedicated to the mental health effects that occur while crafting Rita and Betty will donate 1% of the profit to Mental Health advocacy and research.


Clementine and the team at Rita and Betty can’t wait to serve you and all your crafting needs.