is a lot of pressure

We know that self care is something that gets left at the door. There is always something to do, somewhere to be, and we rarely have time for ourselves.

Let us take some of that stress and anxiety and mold it into a heavy dose of self care. You just need to bring the wine. 

What is rita & betty?

Heck when was the last time you walked into a craft store and thought I have enough crafts at home?  Yeah, we can’t either.

Rita & Betty is a craft subscription box that gets delivered to your door with everything you need to complete the craft.  

We know that crafting is a way of life. And we know that feeling of getting home and realizing that the one tool that will make your project a success was forgotten. We don’t want that to happen ever again.

Why Rita & Betty?

All Your Supplies in One Place

Gone are the days of waiting for your Amazon package to show up.  Or braving the hustle and bustle of life to get to the craft store. Let us gather all the supplies needed for an epic craft project.  All you need is a camera to show your Pinterest WIN!

Mental Health Benefits

Did you know that crafting for 30 minutes releases as much serotonin as working out for the same amount of time? That means even on those days where the world beats you up, and going to the gym is the last thing you want to do, you can craft and still wake up the next day feeling great!

A Great Excuse for a Night In

Every other month we’ll deliver a prepackaged craft to your door.  We will provide you with the tools, supplies, and video instruction to get you going.  You make the time and bring the wine, and we’ll do the rest.  

How’s this work?


Order your kit by the first of the month (even months)


We ship your kit to your door 14 days later


Check your mailbox incessantly for 5 days


Open your box and take 100 selfies (or just make it easy and take a video)


Schedule that break from the real world and craft your heart out. 

Generating a new homemaker movement

Rita and Betty were the original homemakers who crafted out of necessity not leisure.  Today we have a different view of crafting, we no longer craft to save money we craft because we love the accomplishment of making something from nothing.

Kits Orderd

Nights With Friends

Trips to the craft store

Why we are different

There are subscription kits all over the internet.  But there aren’t a lot of crafting subscription boxes. And we believe that you can only have so many hand painted pieces of art before your house starts to look like the Museum of Modern Art.  

We provide the tools, supplies, and instructions to create new and innovative crafts that you can keep or even gift.  

We can’t wait to become besties so…

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