Join us in Bozeman, Montana October 26 & 27 for a weekend of self care exploration.

Have you ever wondered how other women seem to have the world together? Do you ever look at that woman in your spin class and think “gosh, I wish I had my priorities figured out like she does?”

We have too. But what we have figured out at Rita and Betty and Girlhood, Cultivated is that this negative self talk is exactly what burns us out as moms, spouses and employees. We are always trying to be better, fix more, and change more. Somewhere we forgot or maybe never learned how to love and care for ourselves.

Join Marriah and Clementine as they take you on an epic weekend of self exploration, teaching you strategies and tactics of self care that don’t require a lot of money or time. They require a dedication to change your mind!

What can I expect this weekend?

You can expect to be challenged.  You can expect to laugh, maybe cry, and more than anything smile!  You can expect joy, fear, and love.

Marriah has an epic story of self discovery that includes a fast track to self medication, depression, guilt and self loathing.  However, somewhere along the line she found a way to pick herself up, dust herself off and put her head high to realize life can’t get better until you love yourself and give yourself as much time as you give EVERYTHING else!  

Clementine, the founder of Rita & Betty has an equally harrowing story of depression, postpartum mania, suicide attempts, and recovery.  In her time as a mental health advocate Clementine discovered that crafting and doing creative activities releases as much serotonin as doing 30 minutes of exercise.  And as she dug deeper she discovered that self care helped her in her journey of mental health recovery.  Clementine has an epic weekend planned of crafting and other self care surprises.


What does my registration fee cover?

Your fee includes the following items: 

  • 2 nights stay at the Lark Boutique Hotel in downtown Bozeman, MT (October 25 & 26)
  • Retreat materials
  • 1:1 access to Clementine and Marriah for an entire weekend, plus access through their facebook groups.
  • Connection with women from across miles who are looking for ways to be the best them possible
  • New friendships and tools to continue your self care journey
  • AND a fun goodie box just for you.

*This event is not all inclusive.  We will provide refreshments and snacks but meals are not covered with this event.


Still Have Questions?  Reach out! 

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